About BCSF

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office, private citizens and community partners recognized a need within our community to form the Benton County Sheriff Foundation. The foundation received tax exempt status November 21, 2018 and is recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to help support programs and provide resources that members of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office may use to improve public safety, develop community partnerships and provide emergency and personal assistance to persons in need. The foundation will help the Benton County Sheriff’s Office display the countless positive and compassionate interactions deputies, correction officers, and clerks have with their constituents.

The foundation is comprised of a board of directors and officers.

Board of Directors

Mike Robinson
Tom Fletcher
Faustin Stevens
Angie Copenhaver

Jim Powers
Ryan Weld
Matthew Mahany


Richard Hansen

Jack Simington
Vice President

Ruth Nacar Franz, CPA

Tom Fletcher

Lieutenant Jason Erickson
Benton County Sheriff’s Office Liaison