Necessities for Christmas

December 12, 2018

Last night a full board of the Benton County Sheriff Foundation (BCSF) members met for their official meeting with all but one board member in attendance. While conducting the business of the Foundation the discussion was led to this past weekend of the FOP Cops and Kids program at Walmart in Richland where police officers and deputies participated along with Walmart employees hoping to make Christmas a little more special for some less fortunate children.

One of the children participating was a 8 year old girl who was given $150 to buy gifts for her 11 family members. These gifts were all that the family had planned for Christmas. After completing the shopping with her a deputy sheriff asked the mother if there was anything they needed that they could help with. With tears in her eyes she reluctantly said they could really use some toilet paper. As a result of this additional discussion with the mother, the deputies involved helped with additional necessities for her family.

Upon hearing this account of the family’s needs, all of the members of the BCSF board quickly responded and agreed to contribute directly to the family from their own pockets—adopting this family for Christmas. The Board members will be making personal contributions totaling $750 to this family.

Deputies used the donated funds and purchased clothes, toys, and household items for this deserving family. They wrapped the gifts and invited the family to the Sheriff’s Office to surprise them with Christmas. This family was so appreciative. They hugged and thanked each of the deputies. The deputies loaded the families vehicles. The mother of the children, with a grateful heart and tears in her eyes, gave another round of hugs to the deputies.

This is an example of how the community in the Tri-Cites helps those who are less fortunate and what most of us take for granted as normal expenses. We hope that everyone can help someone you know who may be less fortunate than themselves this Christmas season.